IRC Chat


If you want to join TS channel(s) by your browser, you can simply click on the upper link, type your username (we expect you to use your in-game nick) and you'll be there in a few seconds.

If you're using Windows, we recommend you to download prepared portable version of AdiIRC client that will connect you with all of the TS servers automatically. All you need is to unpack the .zip file and double click on the AdiIRC.exe (if you don't know how to open .zip file, download 7-Zip).
AdiIRC 32bit
AdiIRC 64bit

Your default user identity will be "TS_player". We expect you to use your TS nick (Server > Server List, or just press Ctrl+S)

AdiIRC works also on Linux and Mac. You can download it and set it up manually. 
Another recommended IRC client for you is HexChat.

IRC is an old-school way of communicating based on rooms (channels). We use it mostly because it allows us some advanced options (monitoring in-game servers and chatting with in-game players). There are a lot of IRC clients that you can use to join any of existing TS channels, or any other TS non-related channel.
This is the list of channels related to TS:
#turbosliders - ( - planned to be the official TS channel
- #lvp, #lvp2, #lvp3, #lvp4, #lvp5 ( - these channels are connected to five different in-game servers. These are the main commands for them:
!players - to see the list of players who're playing
!msg your message - to send a message to in-game players
!standings - to see the current cup points of best 3 players

If you need to ask any question related to all this, use this forum topic.