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What about a wipeout mod?

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PostSat Apr 27, 2013 8:13 am

I think there is one kind like this around, I think I atleast once joined a server that had tracks and a similar car like this. Can't remember which player it was though, I think he had a blue car...

But ofcourse mods are fun! So just do it!


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PostSat Apr 27, 2013 8:44 am

Maybe u speak about the tie fighters ships that i have seen on this forum there's 2 ships but i want really the same ships from wipeout.
But i don't want take too much time on it if nobody want to play it online.
It's already hard to find peoppple for to test my cars setups...
The gameplay of wipeout ... .gif/?sa=0
I think it can be maid in TS (sure no airbrake but a sliding and very good accel at the end of corners
I have seen a video on youtube and the cars was reacting like this.

Well i have finished to 80% the wipe out mod finally :P
gameplay of the ship had to be tweaked and its almost good.
Changed the skid sound for airbrake and skidmark with a large weel start with the wipeout-idol some tiles changes and aALL the sounds and music changed missile have the typical missile's locker sound.
Ship's sounds are :rain for pirahna ;wind for auricom snow for assegai,reactor Electricity for qirex
Ships version 2048 have all wind sound but eachone different or microtuned...
Music Chemical Brothers and psx cover for 2097 and logo psygnosis for personal use :) :twisted:

Ok since the idea is become a project i continue on the proper forum about cars because there's no mods section and tracks aren't on the way maybe someone would be to help with the track construction i mean work together...
and it was good to test with you today ,again sorry for the mistakes(server etc...)
So You can grab the sound packs and the wipeout idol here:

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