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IHLC #14 - Sunday 5 April @ 19:00 CET

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IHLC #14 - Sunday 5 April @ 19:00 CET

PostWed Apr 01, 2009 12:16 am

What's this cup?
The goal of International Hot Laps Cup is to get as fast as possible with each default car in a brand new track. Players will compete with every car, at the same server, with the same amount of laps. Fastest lap will show the real speed of every driver.

April the 5th 2009 (Sunday) @ 19:00 CET (17:00 GMT, 18:00 UK Portugal, 19:00 CET Germany Italy and Spain, 20:00 Finland...)

How can I join?
The cup is open to demo players also. So just connect to the server to join the cup. Please play the whole cup if you join the server.

How does this cup work?
Car: each car will be driven once (order: EasySlider, Slider, Speeder, Spinner, AntiSlider OR random in case of one server only)
Track: Unreleased - you will be able to download it during the cup
Laps: depending by track-length
Ghost Mode: Enabled
Servers: Community Server [BEL] and eventually the [USA] one (20 players + 20 players)
Rules: Fastest lap for each car counts. Times will be counted together in order to establish the winner of 'All Cars Ranking' (EasySlider+Slider+Speeder+Spinner+AntiSlider).

NEW! This cup will work also as qualification for the next International Racing Tournament. So, if you join this cup and there will be more than 20 players to the IRT, you will have a spot reserved. In the other hand, if you don't take part to this cup, you will have to hope for free spots to the IRT.

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