Dark International Tournament - July 2009

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Dark International Tournament - July 2009

Post by dede » Sun Jul 05, 2009 8:32 pm

"Dark" means that you won't know other players results (and they won't know yours) until the end of the competition. You can know your partial position in the results page though.
All DIT tracks and laptimes will also populate the TurboSliders.com ranking, after the competition has finished.

All you have to do is driving your best lap in a given track with each default car (EasySlider, Slider, Spinner, AntiSlider, Speeder).
There are two ways to take part to the tournament:
- drive in the DIT Official Server
- send your recordings

A race is being recorded if there's a "REC" red message in the top right corner of the screen. It's possible to enable/disable recordings pushing the record button (F4 by default, configure it at 'Settings > Keys'). It's also possible to save recordings automaticall in 'Settings > Recordings' (you can save automatically last 'n' races or save all of them).
Only recordings generated with TurboSliders 2.0.0 will be accepted (minimum beta rc4). Please download the latest TurboSliders version (2.0.0 Official Release) if you are running a beta version, so that there won't be problems at all.

Sending a recording
You can upload your recordings from this page (you need to be logged in to access it). You can upload as many recordings as you want (only fastest lap with each car will be saved). All recordings sent after the deadline will still be saved (but they won't figure in the competition). Your laptimes won't be visible to anybody before the deadline.
Please don't delete your recordings from your hard disk after submitting them. Our software for video uploading is still in beta test, so there might be problems.
If that page doesn't work and the error is about "associated player profile", you need to associate your player profile to your TurboSliders.com account. You can do it through this page.
WARNING: It's recommended to use only one nickname, in order to be correctly ranked. Turbo Sliders offers the possibility to set up multiple player profiles. But using always the same one is quite tricky. Using the same nick name doesn't mean it's exactly the same player. To use always the same player (name & ID), back up your 'players.da2' (inside the TurboSliders '/data/' folder). That file contains all profiles. If you use multiple computers, copy that file to other PC's too.

Track: Sc_Shortis (download)
Deadline: July the 31th @ 23:59 GMT
Results: available here, PUBLIC after the deadline, PRIVATE before

For any question, please reply to this post.

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