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Post by Janne » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:02 pm

What a last race. I'm quite sure I crashed more than sum of first 4 races. :lol:

Thanks for organizing the League.

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Post by Vilkku » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:25 pm

Last race was only race I raced. It was fun and I enjoyed it.

Well, I haven't raced many races, so I'm sorry if I ruined your race (especially in first laps I was the guy in the last positions who sailed from wall to wall). But in the end I was able to drive somehow and got 13th position. I will look forward to next competitions!


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Post by dede » Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:32 pm

Let's start posting comments about my race.. results will come later.

Like last time, I decided to start wanking immediately. I never went over 30% fuel and at last laps I even refueled for just three laps. My lapwanking didn't work well though. I always made small mistakes in the wankable lap. I could've obtained a good lap in the very last try, but I ended fuel right on the finishline. I even heard reirom's laugh and his voice saying "dede am f*** disappoint"! Third final position.

Since it was last race and since I was starting from third position (and most important, I had a very big lead in the standings), I decided to try a different strategy: 3 pits! Obviously that shouldn't be the best strategy when starting in third position, because of slowdown due to first laps battles and traffic after the first pit, but I still decided to try to have fun with it.
The start was quite good, since Janne completely missed the lights going off. In few curves I catched Mike Nike and I started making pressure. First try to overtake him was bad (boosted him instead!), but he didn't even give me a second chance: he crashed so he had to let me pass. I soon gained a good gap, but it obviously wasn't enough to jump ahead of him after my pit (also because some backmarker crashed ahead of me).
I entered the track ahead of Badeend. I seemed to be fast enough in the curves to keep him behind in straights too, but I made a mistake so I had to give way and lose more time. At that point I started wondering wether my race was screwed up or not. But anyway I kept the concentration and I pushed to the limit. After my second pit I joined the track right behind Mike Nike! I seemed to be able to keep his speed, but I decided not to push to the limit since I started to drive too close to obstacles. Although he stopped four laps before than me and I kept driving quite quickly, I had no idea of where he was when I joined the pitlane for my third and prolly last pit. I kept an eye on the track and the other on the fuel, and the result was that I refueled 2% fewer than expected. The very good thing was that Mike Nike was about five seconds behind, so I could've stopped one more time if needed. I tried to save fuel by adjusting driving style, but I failed and I had to stop again at second last lap (I didn't want to stop before because there were too many backmarkers between me and Mike Nike).

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Post by Whiplash » Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:14 pm

Lanz wrote:wtf! roughest race ever seen! some of you should read the rules! no fair player at the end of the field! i dont like to race with ......!
from my side sorry i had a lot of mistakes involving some innocent players but at least i waited for them!!!!!!!!!!!!

but nice cup!
That's all I wanted to say too.
Also, nice track by dede.

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Mike Nike
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Post by Mike Nike » Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:33 pm

qualification went nicely of course, lap had few not so strong parts, but some deciding parts were pretty tight fast, so yay..sweet pole this time^^
anyway, 100percent fuel, lets see what happens

watched my race in replay because it am disappoint etc.
+- sec losing due to...

x.xsec crash in front of dede, trying to drive too far at right side in order to let him pass, sry there..
1.0sec crash into frontcrash of kaz
1.0sec crash when trying to push harder, drive tighter..
1.5sec crash
0.5sec mistake
1.5sec crash when seeing dede coming close
1.0sec crash into cezar
1.0sec blocked by cezar who still made no space (bah)
4.2sec 2 weird crashs in pits + crash in lap after pit, 2nd one i suddenly started to drive too early without actually holding down acceleration key and drove straight into the tyres (not the first time happening due to keys getting stuck...)..felt like a creepy invisble car pushed me lol
1.0sec blocked by kapa
x.xsec falling back after seeing 9-10sec diff to dede, trying to hunt laptimes...but in last lap storm blocked a maybe good lap...didnt felt like a strong one though

adding couple slide mistakes or wide curves due to bad driving when trying to push harder...all in all sucky race from the moment cezar cost me time
plus...bad driving when actually starting to concentrate on fuel stuff or race tactic and bad driving when trying to push harder than before in order to challenge dede made me do too many mistakes like usual ;(

track - some parts were ugly because you cant avoid hitting a car who crashs in front of you...but it was better than the track which had too less hard curves
in de-spair it was visible before qualification in the preview that the track is going to be one, where you need a lot of good timing in order to drive a fast lap, well done there...that sort of track with at least 50 percent more length and there wont be so much traffic in the race and we have a nice challenge, actually sorta like the cuptrack 4

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Post by shyguy1001 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:39 pm

dede wrote:Last race of the AntiSlider league is starting in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Hope nobody forgets :)
Oh my god. The one race I was here for and I could of taken part in.. I forget :(

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Post by kapa112 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:41 am

I've just watched the whole race and I can say I'm satisfied even though I had a chance to be around 7th and I screwed it up. Still, 13th in quali and finishing 10th(top 10 :lol: ) makes me think positive about my progression as a driver(but I'm still total-driving-anti-talent).

Apologies to Mike Nike, but I don't think our little crash was that serious comparing to what others kept doing. In addition, I've seen you making like 124348230950 crashes, unforced by anybody :lol: .
Few times I got blocked by popowitch and Kazinski, who were lapped after half of the race and because of that(and all the mistakes I made, of course) I couldn't catch up with Storm. Anyway, I think the race was fine and the track was friendly even to averages like me.

Good job with the tournament, I hope to see some cups in the nearest future. :)

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Post by Pingu » Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:03 pm

Hm mike i watched your laptimes at the block (kapa) it was 32.5 32.6 32.3 :p So not a sec difference but i was rofl irl when i saw your 2nd pit stops! You could do better mate :lol:

WOOT third into the cup :lol: since tijny missed last race :oops:
Will take some time to top this result


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Post by Hevonen » Mon Jun 07, 2010 3:09 pm

Im very happy with my two last races where I began to find better pace and could finish in top ten ( 9, 8 ).

Actually im a bit disappointed to my eight place.. would had been even better without some crashes and running out of fuel.

Very nice cup and im looking forward to the next one.. trying to be fast from the beginning.

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