Super Ippon Tournament...part 2

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Super Ippon Tournament...part 2

Post by Wazaari » Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:50 am

Hi all guys…I m going to introduce u SIT 2…
We are going to play it with gost OFF (so cars can collide) because SIT 1 had ghost ON!
I ll try all possible modality of play and fun and I hope that all of u will join all 10 cups of this tournament (also maybe if a cup doesn t like u too much is important to play it in order to take points for Final rank)
Moreover all team should bring as many players as possible because TL team is leading and we don t surely want them to win easily again!!!

I m going to introduce u rules and tournament system!!
At the end I posted also Rank of SIT 1

Tournament details:

Main organiser: Ippon Wazaari (with help of Ippon-Dede)


date: 9th of October 2005 (Sunday)
time: 17:00 GMT (18:00 germany italy and spain, 19:00 finland...)

Everyone with full version can sign up

How/Where to sign up:

SignUp by email:
SignUp by commenting this article in Ippon forum (www.ippon better also if u register there)

Tournaments Rules:

Car: EasySlider,Antislider,Slider,Speeder,
Tracks: 23 original …Random
Laps: 1
GhostRace: Off
Servers: Wazaari, Dede,A, Tnt[1 more needed…someone with big heart can help us??]]
Startorder: Random (/order 0)
Points: are not interesting, so default can be /points 1

racing behaviour:
- pushing and blocking during race is allowed.
- backwarddriving during race is allowed. (However There will not be Bw drivers!!! It is for sure..)
- after race (after crossing the finishline), pushing/blocking/driving backwards is NOT allowed. The serverhoster will decide about a punish, if this rule was broken.

Tournament System:

- If a driver get last in the race, he will loose 1 life.
- Each driver has got 2 lifes (in final: 3 lifes)
- A player loose, if he doesn t have more lifes


Meeting Server 15 minutes before start of Tournament

MAX PLAYERS: no max players…but sign up is needed

If anyone who has a good connection can help us hosting a server we will be very happy!!!!

I remeber u that points will be taken by first 25 players(50 45 42 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 3 2 1)
Moreover everyone will be given 1 point for joining cup!!!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< JOIN AND HAVE FUN >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

After 1/10 cup of Super Ippon Tournament this is situation:

1. Tijny 51
2. colt 47
3. [TL] Lzan 43
3. Ippon-Peto! 43
5. benzinfurz 39
6. [TL] Dragonstar 37
7. [WCR]Matti 35
8. [WP]Kyna_Musti 33
9.,[TL]Juan Saar 31
10.[Pu$$y]Fergu 29
11.[WP]Pappa 27
12.Ippon-wazaari 25
13.[Orange]etana 23
14.[WP]TnT 21
15.xzeal 19
16.Ippon-sV 17
17.[orange]Chukie 15
18.picolo 13
19.[orange]Lupin 11
19.zanttu 11
21.Steve McQueen 7
22.[orange]Sanitar 5
23.Ippon-Dede 4
24.Ippon-Mirtzu 3


1.TL 111
2.Ippon 92
3.WP 81 54
5.WCR 35
6.Pu$$y 29

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Post by Mouse » Sun Oct 02, 2005 2:09 pm

good, 2 hours before NASCAR Season 3 starts. hey i will help out with the hosting of the servers. if i cant do that, i would like to race :)



Post by waz » Sun Oct 02, 2005 3:41 pm

Sure...everyone can play!!!( i sign u)
I ll join your nascar cup then!!!

If i need an hoster i ll tell u!!! Thx a lot!!!

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