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Discuss the various race cars in Turbo Sliders.

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PostSun Jul 12, 2009 5:26 pm

pls can somewone send me a program to make new car :lol: :lol:
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PostThu Jul 23, 2009 11:44 pm

It has to be manually designed (I prefer using GIMP because it's free) and saved as .png along with:
a .CAR file (which can be edited simply with Notepad) and
a .png image file for the pat.
a .wav engine noise to come with the car

An example of what you want on the .CAR file

Code: Select all
MyNewCar      <-----Name of your car
  description 2      <-----Number of lines your description has, or 0 if no description
     This is MY car!
     I made it!
  antislide 1
  acceleration 172
  enginefriction 0.0
  viscosity 0.70
  nonslidesector 0.8
  slidebraking 1
  slidedeceleration 20
  braking 80
  steering 2,8
  elasticity 0.65
  grip 245
  weight 700
  mask mynewcar-pat.png 0 0 32 32       <-----Name of the car's pat.png file
  images mynewcar.png 0 0 53 31 2      <-----Name of your car's actual image file
  tire 11.5 22.0
  tire 20.5 22.0
  enginesample mynewengine.wav      <-----Name of your car's engine .wav file

If anyone could elaborate, please do. :roll: Also if you need even more help, you can always refer to the in the Turbo Sliders Cars folder on your computer. I tend to make things really confusing. :?

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