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Post by Tijny » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:32 pm

Jan wrote:
Mike Nike wrote:i think id rather give people /points 0 0 or something like that (/points 0 1 1 1 1 ...) and just make clear its about the raceresults only and not about the cupresults.
If the server was all about the ranking this would be good, but it isn't. Cup points give some more fun factor to the server as you can fight for cup positions too, not just the race wins. The server should be made to be as fun as possible and then build a ranking system around that (if it's needed at all in the first place). The server shouldn't be modified to suit the ranking in the cost of "fun". This is just my opinion though so the server owner may do whatever he wants. Anyway, for some people rankings and looking fast player to others seems to be more important than having some lighthearted fun.
This is a very valid point, and one could go even further by saying the ranking itself might deteriorate the fun factor. This was often the case on the old Punaball ranking server, where people turned into assholes just so they could improve their rank. Not to mention the pressure of having to perform, which doesn't help either when I just want to play casually. Of course Punaball differs greatly from racing in that there's a much bigger feeling of "togetherness," but it's still something to consider.

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Post by Del » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:36 pm

Whiplash wrote:Why all people split those two things. Having fun and fighting for pts is the same thing for me; it can't be separated like you all saying.
Mike suggested that cup points should be removed if they don't affect the ranking which is not far from the kind of suggestion you could make. It's fun being able to say "huauhauhua del seems > olio" (in my dreams). The fun should not be compromised in any way by having a ranking system (if that's even possible (^Tinjy's post wery good)).
Sure, it sounds nice when you say: lets just play for fun and make that server active. But that will not happen.
FC, F1 (now quite active), LVP punas (even with rankshit server still around the best games were always there)... It may well happen.
There is needed some extra motivation to join it. Why would I join that server if it's empty? Well, because of ranking. :wink:
That must be why FC, F1 and the puna servers never have any players then.

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Post by WHOA » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:28 pm

Updated first post.
Small improvements to the ranking script, some randomization on display, added some tracks.

BTW, you are all giving valid thoughts on the ranking system. I'm trying to take into account all your suggestions.
Testing is almost done, some more fine tuning and we're ready to host our first cup!

Thank you all and.. stay tuned!
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Post by Whiplash » Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:24 am

-I don't like that randomization you made. It just confuses people.
-Also, autoserver cup end time before restarting the server is way too long (30s). It's frustrating waiting so much for no any rational reason. Many people leave the server before it even restarts - they just hate to wait (me too). Put it as on FC server. I guess there is 5-10 secs or something.
-The idea of few different rankings is kinda bad too. It should be all centralized somehow to 1 main ranking. Only lap recs should be showed as an separated extra info with that. 2 separated rankings confuses people too.

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Post by WHOA » Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:34 am

Updated first post, added some tracks.
I think that we'll settle using the xSRtng. for now. It seems quite reliable on the long run and it fits perfectly on the type of cups we are planning to host.
Look at the standing right now:
01. [x] Mike Nike 1.000
02. [+] dede 0.905
03. Wolf 0.852
04. Kyna_Musti 0.847
05. [fS]Palomies 0.800
06. [fS]Hevonen 0.772
07. Haba [PahaJori] 0.754
08. Jormeli 0.746
09. [fS]Keppana 0.717
10. [x] Whiplash 0.660

Now, Dede and Keppana have just 20 races, so their rating maybe is not 100% accurate, but looking at the whole standing you can easily have an idea on who are the most competitive players on the server, and that's good for our purposes. Standing by points will be kept hidden and used only when needed.
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