More servers live info and Download counter

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More servers live info and Download counter

Post by Whiplash » Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:20 pm

1. During the last website crash we could see how it's important for the game. It directly influences the servers activity. All the servers were dead when that problem arrived. Just a few minutes after dede activated the site again, there was already 12 players inside of LVP 2.
It's obvious that most of the players (if not the all of us) never goes directly to the game without investigation of the servers activity. This is the way of how I'm doing it always: opening home page: seeing Live Stats; if it says 0 public players, I close it and not opening the game. Only when I'm bored a lot I join the FC and wank there 250 laps. If Live Stats show 1 or more public players, I'm opening the SERVERS LIST tab to see where exactly those players are.

So, this is what should be considered...
All the info that leads people to the game should be in focus once somebody (ok - dede :P ) decide to refresh/upgrade (rebuild) the site. Live Stats should be more visible (bigger) than it's now. Also, I would recommend SERVERS LIST to be part of the home page.
Basically, all the info that a visitors are seeing on the home page should provoke them to join the game.

The site should have only one place (link) where the game can be downloaded from. It will be good to have one tab just for that, called DOWNLOAD) The download link inside of it should be big, clean and clear (it should make no doubts that the it leads you to the totally free and totally full game). Also, it would be very nice if the link could have a download counter on the bottom.
HERE is an example of how it all should look like.

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Post by dede » Wed Dec 25, 2013 6:31 pm

The first thing to be done is to upgrade the forum. Last website suspension was because we had too many bots registering and generating extra traffic.

I had to disable registrations in order to keep the website active, but this means that NOBODY will be able to register anymore. We are a closed community from now on, until we find time to migrate the forum to a new version.

If anybody wants to rebuild the website completely, I can give help if needed. I cannot take care of it anymore, so I'm open to all solutions.

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