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Make me script for teams!

Discussion related to Turbo Sliders and beta version feedback.

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Make me script for teams!

PostMon Feb 13, 2012 4:17 pm

Grrrrr, I want some team action!
Come on guys, just try to figure out how to make team script that will be more independent on admins.
There must be a way to set it into the cup source. For example, when admin type "/source assignteams", whole work should be done by that. Game should check team players right before each cup race, and fill empty spots by new players.

If Admin had to repeat the command "/source assignteams" every time when some new player come, that would be still good too. Only one thing should be avoided - manually typing the players names, and manually searching for a free spots. I'm sure that programmers can find a way to make it.
Last T's script was really cool. Just try to improve it a little bit. Mike, maybe you can give a shoot. :wink:
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Mike Nike

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PostMon Feb 13, 2012 4:32 pm

basicly i like to work on that..but till end of februar at least im still too busy.
everytime i play ts these days its mostly for relaxing after my poker sessions.

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