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Master server list on IRC

Discussion related to Turbo Sliders and beta version feedback.

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Master server list on IRC

PostSat Feb 22, 2014 8:32 pm

I know it's not possible to have all the TS servers fallowed like the LVP servers are. But I actually got another idea:
What about to have a master server list presented in one new IRC channel called like #tsmaster?

Now I'm using one trick to fallow activity on LVP servers on IRC. I highlight "5/20", and whenever a server gets 5/20 players, my IRC client is blinking (currently it only works for lvp2 - FC server, cause others are PunaBall ones). In case I'm interested to a Puna servers (lvp and lvp3) I could highlight "3/4" and know every time when only 1 player is missing.

But, having a whole master server list would finally allow us to fallow all the activity on all the public servers. We could finally have live time notifications when some server is getting active. I believe this isn't hart to do. It will work just like that dede's tool from long time ago it seems less complicated than current #lvp channels.

So, Badee? :wink:

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