Describe AntiSlider braking technique

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Describe AntiSlider braking technique

Post by Whiplash » Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:12 pm

I'd like to ask all the wankers how would you describe Antislider braking technique. After we collect few descriptions, we will write them on the website in order to help newbies to understand it finally. This is probably the most asked question about driving techniques.

This is what I can say about it:
Braking with AntiSlider is performed only in a very narrow and slow curves. Even the most skillful players are not sure sometimes whether it's good to brake with AntiSlider in a certain curve or not. Generally we all agree that braking with AntiSlider is quite risky when it's performed in some normal race, but you can gain quite a bit advantage when battling for lap records.
To get a good AntiSlider braking, you need to follow these steps:
- Approach to a narrow curve just like you do when you're not braking, but this time try to have a slightly more speed.
- When you're close to the apex, hit brake and steer as much as you need to aim back the perfect driving line.
- Once you're aiming the perfect driving line again, stop holding brake, stop steering - and accelerate.

Basically, while approaching to a curve, you can combine braking and steering. But you can't combine acceleration and steering while exiting from it, because otherwise you would continue to slide. Steering must be done before you hit the acceleration key again.

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Re: Describe AntiSlider braking technique

Post by Tijny » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:37 pm

I think you're not quite on the money here. The "when to use" part doesn't really describe in what sort of situations it can be useful, and I just don't understand your technical description at all.

When to use the brakes
It's useful in slow corners, sure, but not if corner exit speed is very important. If the corner is followed by a long phase of full throttle, braking is not going to be faster, because whatever you gain from decelerating later at corner entry, you will lose on the following straight because of a lower exit speed. But, when this corner is quickly followed by a corner that turns the other way, lower exit speed will not hurt your laptime, and moreover, braking can be used to get a better entry angle into the next corner, allowing it to be taken with more speed.
I also disagree with the sentiment that braking is supposedly harder: with a fluid technique, it can be executed with the same success rate as a "normal" driving line.

How to use the brakes
I'm not quite sure I follow your technique here, because what I feel in my fingers is very different. When I brake in a corner, I hit the throttle in pretty much the same place as when I don't (that is, around or slightly before the apex), with the only difference being that I let go of the steering button for a split second in order to stop sliding. (while keeping the accelerator pressed all the way)

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Re: Describe AntiSlider braking technique

Post by Oompa » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:24 pm

You can brake, but you want the slide to stop at the right moment to get the best traction out of a turn. So somewhere in your braking zone, like Tijny said, you have to let go of the steering.

When learning to brake you create new mistakes, not necessarily more. If you want to be faster, learning how to use the brake is obvious. There are small but noticable differences between drivers. A nice way to learn therefore is to look at others, and copy it often. Whip is very tight at many turns, and Sig, Bruno and Tijny (for example, or Hev) all have different ways of driving the Antislider that will suit a combination of tracks. And on some tracks you just don't want to brake at all.

Braking's just a (Jenson) Button, but I do like to see a player getting the hang of it.

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