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PostSat Apr 21, 2012 5:53 pm

Jeffrey wrote:I surely will :)

I love Turbo Sliders a lot. I've managed 6 F1 Championships in the past and other international tournaments. I invested lot of time working on tracks: the trackpack you see above.

Despite the fact that we left TS, i still kept visiting the website and forum to check the progress.

The F1 Speed League seems very interesting. I visted the website: but it is not in English so i coud not understand anything.

Persoanlly i think that having an international championship with drivers from around the world its' nice to have the website in English, so that everyone can understand.

who is taking care of the F1 Speed League?


It's not really an international championship.. more a polish championship, which others have now joined :D Like DTM is a german championship, etc. Our international championship of F1 is the F1 League, you can also check that out on SlidersTV too :) <---- Best Turbosliders Videos ever made ;)
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PostSat Apr 21, 2012 6:46 pm

shyguy1001 wrote:Like DTM

this is called PTM!(Puschtras Touring Masters)hehe
and with epic luck we see such a competition in TS! im still hoping! 8)

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