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Re: Download TurboSliders 2.0.0

Post by iBlaze² » Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:12 pm

Hey toecutter. I remember you too from the old Terra demo server days. Sandslid, Minileap, Forestry, 8 laps with the default cars, although most of us always used the TSB-F2. Those servers aren't around anymore, but if I was you I'd join the Full Contact server - that's where most of the action happens these days and there's a voting system to play the different modes so it's not just full contact there :)

Spg/Birdman ?
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Re: Download TurboSliders 2.0.0

Post by Spg/Birdman ? » Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:26 am

Yup!.. Hi Blaze,Terra lol,i remember ' PORNO FEST !! , ......SO why yu wanna Race HUH!??? ' lol
(my fave Corners comin UP) .. !! :D

Well i went on the Othernight and Briefly Spoke too "Mystic Jurgen" ,Jurgen? you yep! ..Im a bit "keyboard Retarded" bro ( 8) < Going from expression but yea OFTEN CooL) ..Nah I havnt got the speed to SpeedChat, i'll just keep things short by saying lol,or somethin' .. Maybe "This is good shi "' .. :D

Good idea about Joining ! ,i had done 10+ years ago .. "Jollygood" pm me my ID" :D

YeA , When i Revealed my EU location LAG then HIT ME!! .? ,,,,Typical.Game Collapsed! But My bad ..from Zon RealLY LOL...

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