FAQ: reducing Lag

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FAQ: reducing Lag

Post by Flexman » Sat May 28, 2016 10:32 am

Just a short overview and some ideas, how you could try to reduce Lag:

If you press F10 the game shows you the Ping you have. Value should be as low and as constant as possible.
You could have a different kind of lag. Either you have regular problems, or the ping is fine most of the time and you'll just experience sudden bad lags. Of course the 2nd type of lag might be harder to figure out, since it is not always going to happen.

1. Find the reason

a) Your computer: Make sure that you close all tools that will cause traffic on your computer. Of course downloads, but also messengers like Skype or automatic updates etc. You can use TCPView for figuring out who is opening connections and consuming bandwith on your computer.

b) Your internet connection: Will it work fine if you are the only device on your Internet? (Make sure that your Computer is fine). If you can establish an internet connection via your phone than you could try this connection for comparison.

c) Your router setup: If you are the only person on your network and if you made sure that your computer is not running any service that causes problems, then there shouldn't be any problem with your router. However, if other people and devices are on the network too, then your router might not do well in sorting all the traffic. Make sure that you are testing with the only connected device to figure out if you still have lag problems then.

d) Server: You can have the best internet connection - if you are in Europe and your Turbosliders Server is in Australia, you'll have lag for sure. Also not every server might have the best connection either, so you could ask there if other people might experience a lag too.

2. Solve the Problem (just a quick draft... can write more on demand).

a) Make sure that you close all unnecesery programs, that seem to consume traffic you figured out by using TCPView. You might prefer Turbosliders in the QoS settings that Windows provides (See here), but this shouldn't be necesary if you disabled all other traffic anyway.

b) There is little you can do if your internet connection is the problem. If you have a data plan on your cellphone you could try to use it for the internet connection. Turbosliders itself does not consume many Megabytes, but make sure you disable other tools and automatic updates on your computer.

c) Optimizing your router: Forward ports 6654-6657 UDP to your local computer and enable QoS to prefer these ports (also called "Priority Rule" on some routers). Note that intelligent traffic shaping might not help here, since I guess it won't recognize Turbosliders (e.g. "Adaptive QoS" on Asus routers or StreamBoost on some D-Link and Trendnet routers).
If your router is not the one that is doing the internet connection (because it is behind a DSL-Router, etc.), it might be better to set it up as access point instead of having it running as router.

Settings are not looking the same everywhere, but it's always the same method being used.
Some examples for QoS/priority rule for Linksys (check that example with World of Warcraft), Netgear. (Note that you have to use the right port for Turbosliders which usually is about 6654-6657 UDP)
An example for setting up your router as access point, see here.

d) Use a different sever. Move to Australia, etc. :-D

3. If nothing else helps (thanks max tre for the hint):
Create a second account adding "Lagging" at the beginning of your nickname (e.g. "Lagging Papi", "Lagging Magnam"). This one won't solve the problem, but at least you'll make the ordinary justification for incredible blunders.

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