This document explains drafting in Turbo Sliders. Drafting support was added in version 2.4.1.

When drafting is enabled, cars can lose viscosity, grip and steering properties when driving behind another car. The benefit of this is added speed which could make overtaking easier. Optimal drafting effect is achieved when the car in front is going to the same direction as the car behind and it is close enough. Also, speed should be close to the maximum speed and car in front should weight as much and go as fast.

Drafting affects AI players but they usually don't want to take advantage of the extra speed and just slow down.

Drafting can only be activated by server commands or by editing game.ini. To enable it, use command "/set Drafting 1". To disable, "/set Drafting 0". There are lots of adjustable parameters related to drafting. To see them all, say "/show Drafting". The parameters are as follows:

  • Drafting: 0 if disabled, 1 if enabled.
  • DraftingMaxDistance: Maximum distance for drafting effect
  • DraftingCloseDistance: Maximum drafting effect below this distance
  • DraftingMaxAngle: Maximum angle to the car in front
  • DraftingViscosityFactor: Maximum viscosity effect (lower means more effect)
  • DraftingGripFactor: Maximum grip effect
  • DraftingSteeringFactor: Maximum steering effect
  • DraftingSpeedForMaxEffect: Speed needed for maximum drafting effect
  • DraftingSpeedEffectPower: Speed effect curve (1.0 = linear, 2.0 = quadratic)


All lap times achieved with the help of drafting are considered "c" laps which means they are not taken as official lap records.