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Punaball Champions League - Dates Announced!

Categoria: Torneios & Taças # por shyguy1001

(’Link’The official start of the Punaball Champions League has been announced! Signups must be completed by the 8th September, on midnight at the end of that day, the official draw will be held for the group stages, which are to start with Gameweek 1 on 15th September! Make sure you sign up before then if you haven't already - and if you have, keep training, and looking forward to the cup!

Torneios & Taças >> Punaball Champions League - Test Cup # por shyguy1001

Torneios & Taças >> Punaball Champions League - Sign Ups Open! # por shyguy1001

Torneios & Taças >> The Puschtras Touring Masters 2 # por Lanz

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