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Teams Websites
[+] Turbo Sliders Plus Team Turbo Sliders Plus Team is the place where players can deepen their Turbo Sliders addiction.
[TL] Turbo Lovers Turbo Lovers is a team for some heavy racing and good spirit. "Remember to love your turbo".
GPOR Official Website of the GPOR Community
Team [dp] Something totally different. A team for players who think that letter 'c' behind your best laptime isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Virtual Racing Malta The Maltese Racing Community.
Sports-Online.dk A homepage for danish Turbosliders players.
[x] xTreame Team Team of Wankers and Rough Bastards.

Players Websites
JanneTS Tracks made by Janne
Sliderpoint Sliderpoint, TS-site with information about TS and the track and tile design guide. The track review list and racing/fun -track packages can be found here. Also some tracks by Hengari.
Anddrus TS-Site The site where you find Anddru's tracks and cars!
Xerez, KaDaffy, Hede, Hugobart and AB-me's Tracks!a The site where you find Xerez, KaDaffy, Hede, Hugobart and AB-me's Tracks!
Jazzyclub's TS Page Here you can find all the Jazzyclub's creation like: tracks, cars,tools, musics and much more...
TurboSlidersCentral Nerd Uk's TurboSliders Site
[R]-GARAGE Rendy Andrian's all new TS site where you can find tracks, cars, and other stuffs by yours truly,
F1 Speed League Official website of Polish Racing Community

Servers Websites
TheDude Turbo Sliders Server No.1 Demo server!
y4nn1ck .org TS French AutoServer that provides web statistics.
Ape3000.com The ultimate gaming community!
Default Track Records Track Records for default tracks in the game.

Other Websites
Alex Rodriguez Personal website of [CESP*]Alex
Knockout Racing Tournament Official Website
SCARTS Stock Car Auto Racing on Turbo Sliders official page.







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