GHLC - Grand Hot Lap Challenge

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Basic info
Grand Hot Lap Challenge is an ultimate hot lap competition organized to be always active in MVP4 server. The server contains scripts which provide you live in-game standings with all the needed info about your best lap times, time gaps compared to leader, points etc.
This is the best way to see how fast you really are in the world of Turbo Sliders. All five default cars are in play and they need to be driven over many different types of racing tracks. You can chose your own goal - to master just your favorite car, or to aim the best overall result. 
If you have any question, use the upper link for the Discord/Forum discussion.

Advanced info
- Only fastest laps are counted.
- Your "single track/car" points are based on the percentage of leader's lap time.
- Your overall points of a car are based on a slightly complex formula. It's the most important to know that your overall car points won't rise linearly. It's going to be much easier to improve it at the beginning and much harder while you progress further trough the all tracks.
- Skill classes are based on these rules:
1000 God
980+ Wizard
950+ Grand Master
900+ Master
850+ Expert
750+ Pro
650+ Adept
550+ Challenger
400+ Student
250+ Recruit
0+ Rookie