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Quick 2vs2 PunaBall Tournament #1
It has been a while since we last organized a PunaBall tournament. Most of these events showed serious organizing problems, such as teams not playing their matches, people disappearing and so on. For this reason we decided to play the whole cup in one night!

Monday 12 April 2010 @ 20:50 CET
If you would like to join but the schedule doesn't suit you, please leave your message in this topic.

Players must connect to drawings server before the cup. Drawings will start at 21:00 CET, so please show up at least 10 minutes earlier than that.
These are the servers that might be used:
- Community Server [ITA]
- Community Server [POL]
- IT|FastEmpire.Net|Punaball

1. Max Teams & Players
We will set a maximum of 16 players allowed to join the cup (8 teams). If less teams will show up, one or more teams will advance automatically to next round. Players will decide their partners directly before the cup.

2. Drawings
Drawings will take place in a separate server, the main server, which will remain available during the whole event. Drawings will be random. If 6 or less teams show up, drawings with " vs " will be considered invalid, so they will be repeated.

3. Cup Format
The cup will be a direct knockout: quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals (for both 1st and 3rd place). The schedule can be reduced according to the number of teams who effectively show up.

3.1 Quarter-Finals
This round will last 10 minutes, without goal-limit. If a match is tied, a "golden goal" match is played (the team who scores first wins).

3.2 Semi-Finals
This round will last 10 goals or 15 minutes, if goal-limit isn't reached. If a match is tied, a "golden goal" match is played (the team who scores first wins).

3.3 Finals
This round will last 10 goals without time-limit.

4. General Rules
- After each round, new drawings will be made for next round. Players will need to connect to the main server after each games (also for requesting golden-goal match)
- Team field is decided by drawings (e.g. "dede&jan vs tijny&chevron" means that dede&jan will play in team 1)
- The "midfield rule" must be respected (give the ball back if the ball is intercepted illegally), unless the other team doesn't pass the line for more than 10 seconds
- No waiting will be allowed during Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals; disconnections and lag will be considered part of the game, so the game is considered valid if goals are scored during those unlucky events
- Waiting will be allowed in Finals.

Entry List
Although signing up isn't required, spots are granted for those who sign up.

You can sign up .

Cup's Results:

Quarter finals:
Tijny + Badeend vs. iBlazeČ + Shyguy 14 - 2
Misterpom + TJP vs. Anddru + Kattefarmer 2 - 7
Iijo + olio vs. Jan + Etmil 2 - 3 (golden goal)
Chevron + Matti vs. dede + MyX 6 - 4

Tijny + Badeend vs. Jan + Etmil 10 - 1
Chevron + Matti vs. Anddru + Kattefarmer 10 - 4

Final 3/4:
Anddru + Kattefarmer vs. Jan + Etmil 10 - 5

Final 1/2:
Tijny + Badeend vs. Chevron + Matti 5 - 10

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Date (GMT): 12 Apr 2010 07:00 pm
Author: TurboSliders.com

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