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SCARTS Full Throttle Cup 2011
The SCARTS Full Throttle Cup Series

The SCARTS Full Throttle Cup Series is the primary stock car racing league that drivers can claim a championship for. The series lasts for 20 races featuring a 14 race regular season and a 6 race playoff entitled 'The Chase'.

Practically everyone is invited to race in the Full Throttle Cup Series given that they have raced in previous seasons of SCARTS.

Players that are making their first starts this yaer will be directed to the SCARTS Rising Star Series to learn the racing and prove maturity to race at the Full Throttle Cup level.

The Championship Structure
Over the course of the first 14 races of the 20 race season, drivers will attempt to earn enough points to be in the Top 5 in the standings. Those five players after Race #14 will qualify for the Chase for the Full Throttle Cup. Point values would be reset allowing those five only to contend for the title. Any wins earned during the season will award bonus points when reseting the points. The guy that performs the best over the last six races will win the title.

Those not in the Top 5 entering the Chase still can race but only for sixth place overall.

(There is a possibly we will allow a sixth player as a wild card that has the most wins outside the Top 5.)

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