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SCARTS Season 6
SCARTS - Stock Car Auto Racing on Turbo Sliders - is a racing series that follows NASCAR. Full Throttle Cup is our primary racing series entering its sixth season on Turbo Sliders. Rising Star Series is our secondary racing series aimed at giving newbies valuable experience with running up front and winning races.

The majority of tracks run are ovals based on real NASCAR racetracks. As of late, we've been adding in road courses to spice up the variety . But even though most races are ovals, all tracks drive different due to specific custom handling. Ovals are built with 'speed boosts' in the turns to simulate a banked racing surface. That promotes alot of side by side racing as a result which can level the competition some and provide some great racing action.

SCARTS also utilizes tire wear simulation and fuel to add race strategy into the mix.

SCARTS follows a Safety Car system like NASCAR and Formula 1. After a big crash, a blocked track or any other danger to the cars, the Safety Car deploys to the track, and the cars may not overtake or pit. Once pitroad is opened pit strategy then ensues with drivers deciding how much fuel and tyres they should take to put them in the best position to compete for the lead.

The SCARTS Full Throttle Cup Series runs for 24 races. The final eight races consist of a playoff called 'The Chase' where the Top 5 competitors from the first 16 races (plus the driver outside the Top 5 with the most wins) compete for the overall championship. Four drops will be allowed during those first 16 races. Points totals are then reset following that 16th race accounting for any wins, Top 3 and Top 5 finishes earned becoming bonus points for The Chase. Then the final eight races are run - with two drops allowed - to crown a champion.


The Rising Star Series consists of 22 races, with 5 drops throughout the season. Any driver who has NOT won a Full Throttle Cup race in previous seasons is eligible to run all the races and compete for the championship. Drivers that are not eligible may still race, but only 12 of the 22 races. This makes sure there is experienced players for the rookie to pit themselves against, but they all have a chance at the win.

Registrations are currently up on the SCARTS forum: http://turboscarts.darkbb.com

Associated cups: FTC - SCARTS World 600 @ Charlotte, FTC - SCARTS All Star Race VI @ Charlotte, FTC - SCARTS Showdown @ Daytona, RS - Isostar 400 @ Charlotte, FTC - Monster Mile Energy 400 @ Dover, RS - Martinsville Hot Dog 200 @ Martinsville, FTC - Team Dignitas 400 @ Auto Club, RS - In N Out Burger 250 @ Auto Club, FTC - Bluebonnet 500 @ Texas, RS - Lone Star 300 @ Texas, FTC - The Hot Toilet 250 @ Bristol, FTC - Mr. Simms Sweet Shop 200 @ Brands Hatch, RS - PG Tips 150 @ Brands Hatch, FTC - Viva SCARTS 500 @ Las Vegas, RS - Casino City 350 @ Las Vegas, FTC - Megalomart 300 @ Phoenix, RS - Red Bull 200 @ Phoenix, FTC - Daytona 500 @ Daytona, RS - NAPA Know How 300 @ Daytona, FTC - SCARTS Shootout @ Daytona, FTC - Preseason Thunder @ Daytona

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Last Update (GMT): 20 Jun 2012 08:31 pm
Author: shyguy1001

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by [FTR] Burnout - 31 Mar 2012 05:54 am (GMT)SCARTS Daytona 500 is April 1st @ 5pm ET.

by Coolsea - 10 Mar 2012 04:21 am (GMT)Boogity! boogity! boogity!







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